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Inter island transfers and private charter flights

Want to fly between the islands of Tahiti without loosing time ?
Our seaplane is the perfect way to jump from an island to another one.

Almost everyday, we offer shared transfers between the islands, in the morning from Taha’a to Bora Bora and in the afternoon from Bora Bora to Taha’a.

We are also available for private charter flights to any other islands in French Polynesia.

With a maximum range of 1682 km, 8 passenger seats and a maximum load of more than 1000 kg, the Cessna 208 Caravan is the best alternative to private jets or helicopters. It is the perfect aircraft to serve the islands of Tahiti.

Whether you need a flight for business, leisure, or aerial work, our team will be delighted to make your seaplane flight an experience of a lifetime.

Want to go fishing or surfing the most beautiful waves in the Tuamotu atolls?
Need to carry urgently some goods or to visit several islands in a limited time?
Looking for comfort and privacy for your private flight from Tahiti to to Bora Bora?

Tahiti Air Charter is your private plane solution in the islands of Tahiti.

Sample rates (for information) :

Bora Bora / Taha’a or Taha’a / Bora Bora – Shared flight (15 min) : USD $201.00,
Bora Bora / Taha’a or Taha’a / Bora Bora – Private flight (15 min) : USD $1,194.00,
Bora Bora (NTTB) / Maupiti (NTTP) – Private flight (20 min) : USD $1,482.00,
Papeete (NTAA) / Taha’a (NTTR) – Private flight (60 min) : USD $4,560.00,
Papeete (NTAA) / Bora Bora (NTTB)  – Private flight (75 min) : USD $5,700.00,
Bora Bora (NTTB) / Rangiroa (NTTG) – Private flight (120 min) : USD $9,120.00.

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